AARDO contributes to bring about and support genuine and coherent development practices among people, organizations, and institutions working for the development of communities, civil society and institutional development.  AARDO is committed to achieve its mission through transparent, equitable, professional, ethical and gender sensitive services with dignity to human being.  AARDO would like to run a number of different programs which aim to empower community members to become active members of Australian society, and would like implement projects that assist in the reconstruction, education, health, child care and sustainable development of communities in Australia. Within Afghanistan.

AARDO Values: in recognition of our values we stand for,

  • Accountability: We are accountable toward AARDO overall goals, toward funders and other stakeholders.
  • Transparency: We enable access to public information on goals, values and operational principles and rules to all through reporting and work transparently with our stakeholders.
  • Inclusiveness: We are committed to include the civil society perceived broadly as NGOs, social organizations, women and youth, media associations, professional associations, and academia in AARDO Program. We are also committed to broad national representation in AARDO governance.
  •  Professionalism: We are committed to effective and results-based management, regular monitoring and professionalism in general. 
  • Listening and Learning: We will listen to civil society and learn from their experience and use this knowledge in the development of our policies and procedures. We will ensure that experiences and good practices are shared and an internal learning culture is developed. 
  • Integrity, fairness and respect: We regard our stakeholders as valued partners and would remain responsive, flexible and accessible to our programs .
  • Innovation and Responsibility: We will encourage creativity and innovation. We will support vigorous, but responsible, advocacy initiatives.