Building problem-solving capability

This information can be focused for a specific region under investigation and collated semi-automatically to generate situation reports. The situation reports include information synthesised from available datasets and augmented by user provided content. The report describes what the event is, where it is located, the impact on the local community and to the department. Key questions covered in the report include:

  • Are our staff ok?
  • How is the community in the impacted region affected?
  • What is the impact on the department?

Working closely with the department lets us use our expertise in creating software to collect, analyse and present data to have a positive impact on social service delivery during emergency situations.

 “These demonstrations aim to give people a real sense of what goes on during a major incident and how it’s important for each person to have a specific role,

“The Expo shows both the equipment available from across the state, plus the communications and information coordination processes that are so vitally important to managing any incident”.