Diagram & Board


  • Chairman
  • Vice chairman
  • Secretary.
  • Treasurer.
  • Immigration committee
  • Women Committee.
  • Health committee.
  • Education & religious committee.
  • Youth recreation committee.
  • Sports & cultural committee.


Executives committee of the association should be bring unity and solidarity among all members of the association.

Executive committee of the association should have excellent behaviours and action.

Chairman of the association has to make sure that other members of the committee are fulfilling duties to the best of their abilities.

In the absence of the president his vice chairman will take over all of his right and obligation.

(AAHCA) association committee through improved social connection.

Support human right issues and democratic freedom.

The challenging and diverse work of the association is carried out by the executive committee (9) members is volunteers.


(AARDO) association executive committee all members voluntary.

Executive committee members elected by community members.

Members of the community have the right to bring changing in the committee members in every 2 years if necessary.

If any member of the committee want to resign or not competent for the job Executive committee have the right to select other competent member of the association general election not necessary.

Every member of the association have the right to writ own opinion suggestion for the association development purpose.

Principes Guiding Activities:

This association key priorities to provide assistance to Afghan refugee in Australia.

Assist them by giving them information about assistance available.

Bringing to gather the Afghan community and strengthen this newly emerging society.

Promote the Afghan community in order for it to become a modern and developed society.

Be active and participate in multicultural Australia society.

Working with young people to build their self esteem and help them become more respectful and resilient.

Full support for sporting activity and education,

Considered Activities are below:

  • The work of AARDO is guided by the principle that education  and health are   the keys cornerstones in ensuring poverty reduction and sustainable development
  • AADO’s Major focus is the creation and delivery of formal and non-formal educational and training opportunities for the many Afghan people who are disadvantaged
  • Community harmony and tolerance
  • Celebration of cultural diversity
  • Charity and compassion
  • Commitment to family
  • Commitment to Education

Commitment to Australia

  • Information session
  • Child Care
  • Annual report
  • Social activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Cultural training
  • Community education and consultation
  • Community announcement services
  • Research
  •  Our members and supports