These Program is designed to give a second chance at learning to the disadvantaged students left behind out from the formal education systems. Complementing mainstream school systems with innovative teaching methods and materials, AARDO’s education programs open primary schools in communities unreached by formal education systems, will bringing learning to millions of children, particularly those affected by extreme poverty, violence, displacement or discrimination.

At the pre-primary level, we also target underprivileged children to prepare them for mainstream primary school entry. At the secondary level, we provide need-based training, student mentoring initiatives, and e-learning materials to improve the mainstream secondary education system. We are giving increasing attention to adolescent and youth as a special group and offering life skills, livelihood and skills development training, and Our multipurpose community learning centres will promote reading even to those who cannot move from their houses through mobile libraries.

  1.    School Health and Nutrition Program (SHN)
  2.      The power and promise of education .
  3.       Take action to fight children hunger
  4.  Water Sanitation and hygiene (WASH) prgraom