In a collective effort to make public health a front-line agenda, United Nations (UN) has incorporated multiple health components in its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), emphasizing on improving maternal health, reducing neonatal mortality, and combating HIV and other communicable diseases following the UN Millennium Summit, 2000.  Aligned with this global concern, AARDO has initiated and will implement  several  health programmes  to address health issues and to achieve the MDGs . AARDO demonstrates its continued commitment to achieving its goal of making quality reproductive health services available to all families in Afghanistan.

Three components of the Strategy are considered to be of the highest priority:

  1. Nutritional status of the Population
  2. Community case management of childhood illnesses (pneumonia; diarrhoea and fever)
  3. Community based Maternal and Newborn Care services (MNC)
  4. Implementing mobile health services
  5. Reproductive Health

Several other areas are included with a view to developing a strategic plan and taking initial steps to implement it We consider health as a right of each individual and are committed to creating conditions that support health and well being without discrimination of any kind.

We believe that community involvement is important to better understand the health needs of communities, to develop appropriate health programs and services, and to take effective action on issues that affect health and well being and we believe that when developing our public health programs and policies it is important to use the best available evidence.

knowledge of maternal and child health and nutrition services as well as the importance of education and child protection. AARDO believes in the need to build and strengthen community institutions, and ensure stronger accountability of the local government towards the poor, especially women.