AARDO tackles the causes of poverty, hunger and hopelessness at the root, and plants trees of hope

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AARDO is an independent, non-profit, non Government organization for the support of children women, young people and new arrival with resettlement in Australia, and providing community, development and emergency assistance to impoverished communities.


Dear Supporters of Afghan Australian Rehabilitation and Development Organization AARDO, I am pleased to apprise you in brief about the AARDO Welfare organization established to serve Humanity without discrimination of caste, color or creed. AARDO is an Civil Society Organization, to consolidate and strengthen the disarmament and peace efforts of countries, Without cooperation there can be no Peace.

The main focus of our work is Human Rights, Social Development,Health,Community empowerment , Education, NGO Networking, Environment, Youth, aga, Women Empowerment, , Disaster Management, Peace Keeping Disarmament and sustainability through development and support of civil society initiatives and goals. Special Note for AARDO Members As members, you are the backbone of AARDO, which exists because of you.

We look forward to hearing from you at any time AARDO will remain deeply committed to support and promote your access to the deliberative and decision-making processes, and we appreciate your collaboration and participation. For others, I hope to (re)connect and discover new possibilities of relating to AARDO. Regardless of which category you may fall in, we are glad that you are members of AARDO and we thank you for your continued partnership with us, sharing so many of the same ethical and idealistic concerns We look forward to identifying with you new ways of working more closely together. Members of AARDO and I are all independent individuals with great concern on the effective use of government subventions to welfare NGOs and the provision of quality service of NGOs. We would follow up all complaints that cannot be satisfactorily handled by the concerned NGOs in a serious and fair manner, and make suggestion to the NGOs concerned to make improvement for better quality service for the well being of the citizens.

As for the NGOs, proper handling complaint is a mark of good corporate governance. It is not only the duties of management staff or Head of the NGO but also the governing Board of the NGO which is responsible for the good performance of the organization. In handling complaints, NGOs should hold patient and helpful attitude in listening to and understanding the complainants, address complaints in a fair and professional manner and communicate the outcomes honestly and expeditiously with the complainants., all parties’ involvement and trust among each others are most essential.