Emergency response

Most of us will never have to experience being on the receiving end of emergency aid such as food, water, medicine , clothing and shelter.

It’s good to know that if we were to face disaster, someone would be there to help.

In a word, partners provides relief from war and oppression. But that does not begin to adequately describe or encapsulate the enduing hope that we bring to the undreds of thousands of lives in desperate need of immediate intervention, practical care, and compassion;for lives that otherewise would remain unseen and therefore forgotten.

Humanitarian action and disaster response is one of the development priorities of Australian aid.

The special goals of the AARDO are to save lives, alleviate suffering and enhance human dignity during and in the aftermath of conflict, natural disasters and other humanitarian crises, and improve the preparedness for the occurrence of such situations.

In order to meet these goals, the department forms relationships with non-government The department leads Australia’s response to humanitarian crises in developing countries. As the frequency and impact of humanitarian crises escalate in the regions and countries in whichwill AARDO   delivers aid, enhancing disaster preparedness and delivering timely, more effective responses to humanitarian crises will be of critical and increasing importance to the Australian Government.