Local government

In order to address these goals, our priorities are:

  1. increasing preparedness and response capacities within Australia and with partner governments, the international humanitarian system and regional organizations
  2. ensuring that Australia’s humanitarian action is accountable
  3. Integrating learning into Australia’s future humanitarian action.

At the Federal level, the AARDO Board members  will continue to prioritise strengthened whole-of-government coordination and act together with the local government for providing the qualitative and quantitative services to the community located with in Australia

The AARDO has identified gender equality as a critical cross cutting theme of AARDO and committed to remain a persistent advocate and practical supporter of gender equality.three fo the ten development objective of the aid program specifically address gender equality and women’s empowerment these are : empowering women to participate in the economy , leadership and education saving the lives of poor women though the provision of quality maternal health care services ;and enabling more girls to attend schools.

AARDO’s approach to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment through the program