Welfare program

While humanitarian relief is directed to Afghan  communities and individuals also contribute to the welfare program, which is primarily designed to care for the needy within the stewardship of the community needed and poor people , though, at the discretion of  committee, local funds can, where possible, assist others in need . These services will operate on principles that encourage self-reliance and self-respect. For example, recipients of these resources are given the opportunity to work — to the extent of their ability — for the assistance they receive or to pay forward the service rendered in other ways. Overhead costs are provided through other funding sources.

Members’ donations make possible the programs and resources for self-reliance, relief and emergency services. In addition to meeting the need for food, clothing and shelter, these include providing vocational rehabilitation and employment opportunities for citizens, immigrants and refugees and funding counseling and adoption services as well as addiction recovery support groups and resources for social, emotional and spiritual challenges.

Our members will  voluntarily   serving in welfare services, providing services such as managing employment centers, teaching English as a second language, teaching communication skills, improving agricultural and medical practices and distributing clothing.

 Family Services draws on charitable donations to offer counseling services related to addiction recovery, familial conflict resolution, abuse and other issues for individuals, couples and families at a cost based on a family’s ability to pay. They also help fund complete adoption services for members and provide services to birth parents and families. Donations assist those unable to completely self-finance the services.